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How to use the free Fertility Tracking App


All FirstView products are compatible with the Free Premom Fertility Tracking Mobile App.

Follow the below steps to get started

Step 1:
Download the Premom Mobile App

Click on the relevant button below to start downloading the Premom Mobile app on your mobile phone.

Register as a free user and fill in the necessary details as required.


Step 2:
Perform the Test

Read the Information Leaflet provided with your FirstView product carefully. Follow the steps provided in the leaflet to perform the test.

Step 3:
Upload the Test results to the Premom app

3.1 Select the "Camera" symbol in the homepage on the Premom app.


3.2 Choose the "Others" option.


3.3 Choose the "Add test result" option at the bottom.


3.4 Scan the FirstView test.

*Make sure that there is enough light on the test strip for accurate results.


Click on the correct mark if you are happy with the test placement​.

Step 4:
Read the Results

The Premom App can read results automatically. The results are indicated in two ways: numerical T/C ratio for charting purposes and the coloured label indicator to indicate "Low", "High" and "Peak".

If you would like to edit the results you can do it by swiping left on your test strip picture and tapping "Low", "High" and "Peak". Or by tapping the pencil to edit your ratio.


You can also tap on the "Charts" icon in the bottom menu to view your LH progression and its pattern.

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